Bendeki Temmuz / July in my mind

bakalım geçtiğimiz 20 günlük süreçte neler yapmışım (:
lets check it what I did in last 20 day :)

I had a PhD half year defense, my bf was there for good luck
she is Pakize, gift from bf
My friend Tomasz, was here we had 2 amazing day! Rolling thing is Simit
Fried liver @ Edirne
me, mum and dad @ Selimiye
Turkish meatball @ Edirne
Arc. Sinan, Mimar Sinan
Selimiye Mosque

Broom with Mirror, in old times brides used to live with  groom's family, when  she begin to clean  she watch the mother by mirror and make cleaning things better (: 
Meriç River

Famous Marzipan @ Edirne
ice cream love with bf  @ Charlie Temmel, Taksim
our swimming pool style with bf
and reflection (:
we are in love @ ITU
Ey suh'i Sertap concert by Sertap Erener 

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